Under my Mattress

Stories of super-sensitivity were rare in 19th century, so there's no wonder that they've been  almost non-existent in 21st.
We've been addicted to stimulation- both of our minds as well as our bodies.
My loyalty was established by my sensitivity to a PEA placed under my matresses. My PEA levels were ever increasing with sexual anticipation, romantic fantasies, savoring erotic memories and ongoing suxual role play in my head.
These seeds were propelling my mental energy, euphoria and love.
Most of my clients and I were two peas in a pod. We've been through history of dealing with similar challenges; A non-existent sex life within a marriage or monogamous relationship. Not long before embarking on my therapy path, my desires did not match my partner's. Nobody taught us how to speak of them. I tried to communicate them in my own clumsy ways and he chose not to pay attention. As a result our relationship was experiencing lull of passion and was drifting off course.
Today I know this wasn't our conscious choice. Today I know we were caught in a loop of trauma responses. I felt wounded. I felt sexually abandoned. I was experiencing a major wound of rejection which impacted both my self-esteem as well as my energy levels.
Over the past couple of years I had the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life who have had the experience of years of talk therapy which helped them develop insight into trauma and neglect they have experienced. Still, they felt paralyzed when it came to experiencing joyful sex with their life partners and their therapists turned a deaf ear to this recognition. 
Therapies with me helped them make a shift. Not to another partner, but shift in the functioning of their nervous system. Sexual healing is not based on instant gratification; it is not based on the temptation, and resulting tendency, to forego a future benefit in order to obtain a less rewarding but more immediate benefit. It is not based on fairy tales of love and sex ("and they lived happily ever after") either. 
The healing is gradual and includes a levels of being.
Dear reader, your divine identity is established by a test of your sensitivity. Don't give up. Give in. Not to pressure. Not to pleasure.
Give in and feel. Get a sense of your sensations and the meanings they are holding.
Develop sensitivity which will connect you to both yours as well as your partner's orgasmicness; after all, orgasmicness of a female body is a divine gift and a natural healing force in one.