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Relational Fengshui

Relational fengshui is an Integrative Holistic Sex Therapy, a grounded spiritual journey toward clarity, integrity and deeply loving relationships.

Nothing in life is more challenging than the process of being emotionally and sexually intimate with another human being. I honor you for taking the first step in significantly improving your relationship, be it with yourself or your significant other. 

You will learn about the importance of healthy self-esteem, honoring your feelings, and communicating effectively.


Knowledge motivates action and practice implies the execution of knowledge.
We're all products of a society that's creating artificial needs- the economy relies on them.
It either profanizes or medicalizes sexuality, thus creating splits between the body and the mind. It thinks about sex in terms of numbers of partners, orgasms and dysfunctions. During sessions I tend to take people at their word but I also allow myself to gaze beyond the words to the spaces and energies. More than two decades of studies of Ancient Sexual Practices along with my personal spiritual practice allow me to catch the patterns in which individuals and couples get stuck because of (often unconscious) incoherences, fragmentations and internal resistances. I don't only listen, but connect in much deeper ways in order to encourage you to explore and get in touch with your unique individual and relational needs and desires and learn how to meet them within genuine relationships.
If you're feeling stuck in life and you feel like you need guidance, get in touch.

Relational Fengshui is here to help you bring your relationship and sex life to another level.
Emotional, psychological and sexual issues are inseparable that is why Relational Fengshui addresses them all.

It draws from Cross-Cultural Studies, Daoist & Sri Vidya Tantra as well as Trauma Work, Ancestral Healing Work, Recovery work and the latest discoveries in the Field of Neurobiology.
Its aim is to free individuals and couples from the constraints of psychological patriarchy so we can learn to embody true intimacy.
Individual Zoom Therapy (60 min)🗝 80€

Package of 5 Therapies (5×60min)🗝 300€ (60€ per session)  

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Relational Fengshui will help you map out the projections you use on your intimate partner and people close to you. 

For couples

Online talk therapies which are principally introducing the topic of healing sex. Relational fengshui addresses more than psychological and physical sexual problems; it searches for an integrative perspective as well as offers solutions to transform your relationship to a more connected and fulfilling unit. You are both 100% responsible for who you are in your relationship. Your task is to learn how to respond in the present moment, not from past programmings.

I am here to help you deal with past traumas, conditionings and unprocessed feelings. I will help you free your voices so you can gradually speak about your needs and wants in a respectful and cherishing manner as well as establish healthy boundaries and create agreements which will invigorate and nourish your relationship on many levels..

For individuals

Working with women

Dear Woman it is time to set your voice, your family, and future generations free.

I am here to support you in healing your individual as well as ancestral sexual traumas through counseling. Together we will transform numbness into pleasure by initiating your body- your sacred vessel- to be ready to embrace sacred sexuality for health and harmony.

I offer support to your healing with vocal purifications, mantras and sacred chants.

For individuals

Working with men

I offer one on one sessions where I'm teaching and empowering men in daring to become more intimate and connected beings. You won't see me hiding behind professional neutrality. I am authentic, transparent, I dare to tell the truth, I'm self- disclosing, I practice what I preach- I'M WITH YOU.
A crucial aspect of working with me is our unique therapeutic relationship. From time to time, you will have emotional reactions to me. When these reactions happen, don't be embarrased or feel that you are doing something wrong. Talk to me about them. This will enhance the therapy process and healing.  

Each person is unique; I am here to support you in exploring your beliefs which might be impeding you from living from your own sexual sovereignty. I will help you come into connection with your natural sexual energy and provide you guidance on your own healing sexuality journey.
🍬map out your projections and partner choices 

🍬acquire orgasmic mastery

🍬enjoy more pleasure

🍬end premature ejaculation

🍬become a desirable man

🍬learn about authentic tantra

🍬learn to orgasm without ejaculation

🍬expand techniques for erotic engagement

🍬get in touch with your prostate

People in stressful and sex deprived relationships become ill more frequently. Those in a loving, supportive relationship are healthier and live longer.