Open your eyes, but before doing this, make sure you've closed them;-) 

I've been practicing eye-gazing with numerous men; many of them have misnamed this practice by calling it "staring".

The question is; Was this really a misname or were we getting the whole practice wrong?
There is a big difference between lusting, leering eyes and relaxed gazing.
Relaxed gazing does not result from fighting, flirting, fixing, fleeing or freezing. It comes from simply being.
Most of men I'm thinking of right now were my pupils. Pupils respond to mental challenge, emotional turmoil and sexual arousal. Mens' as well as mine.
This is their natural function- to respond in a similar way that sexual organs do. Not the same way though. They weren't conditioned as much as sexual organs have been. Pupils of the eyes weren't conditioned as much as pupils.
How they and us have been conditioned is something I'd like to invite you to explore with me.
Not by acting on impulses but simply by noticing and sharing what you notice.


By closing and opening our eyes, we can open a portal between conscious and unconscious responses. Let's make sexuality fully conscious.
Our mind's eye has more control over our actual lives than we are encouraged to believe.
What information do we feed it with? What do we tend to notice?
We are impacting the surroundings in the same way that the surroundings are impacting us. Let's make sexuality fully conscious.
Zoom sessions will begin with september; let me know if you'd like to book one and meet.