Feeling is healing

Our culture runs on unhealthy self-esteem. The way this shows in sex is that average mens' self-esteem is performance based, and average womans' self-esteem is other-based. This sets a fertile ground for pleasing and performing. People slide into rigid codependency; they only accomodate others while they don't speak their voices much. Their compulsion to please is rigid and immature.
I tend to ask such people to come back to their pelvises and have a bit of a sing while resting back into their naturalness. Meanwhile I tell a story or two. A story of life and a story of love which blended and landed in space.
Pen is on the paper
Penis on the labia
Resting on this this vulnerable place of naked truth; feeling, healing. Sex is a language and it's the poetic of that language that I'm interested in. Don't let it become political; express what you really feel, need and want. Refine that through fine-tuning the physical, the emotional and the spiritual body.
Nobody gets to own anyone exept one's own wanting. We are loners and a lovers in one; Sovereign beings. Being vessels for divine we hold love, we don't hold it back.