Diamonds and Coal

It seems like in 21st century most peoples' dowries are not to be counted in diamonds but in coal representing unresolved ancestral traumas. Most traditional family systems only help us to grin and bear it. Not many know how to teach us how to use our unique trauma history as grist to our mill.
Even less family systems teach us the importance of healthy marital sex and its impact on health and longevity.
It is not easy to make your partner your tantric lover. Most people have been conditioned to protect themselves from the other instead of being able to connect with great purpose on different levels of intimacy. They are used to relate to the world only with parts of their bodies and psyches or without them.
The opposite of spirituality isn't materialism but density. To live a life of a tantric lover means to combine your free will with your deeply desired feelings. It means to be able to travel light.
Welcome to a pleasure boat! Dare to rock it! Dare to rock the boat and dare to rock the pelvis.
Let what you say, how you live, how you feel and what you do become congruent. Both are invited to both; the processes of learning as well as unlearning.
Don't worry, with my support there will be no lack of good judgement or care in behavior; especially in speech.
I am here to help you transform coal into diamonds.