Curious what tantra is?

I am a Sannyasin; relating 24/7. With myself and with others. My body listens to all of the history of your body. My presence is continuously welcoming yours to join me in an integrated brain space. I'm here to help you unfreeze and unlock habitual neural pathways and modify them in a way that your body is capable of participating in tantric (s)experiences. Don't be one of those people who only know how to assume and consume. Get in touch with the real me who will invite the real you to start to play with all the models of languages and symbols that were passed on to us by our parents, teachers, friends, cultures and lovers. We won't be playing wicked games. We will be learning to have courage to be our authentic selves. We will be learning to have a voice and speak our truth. We will be learning both; how to feel the sexual and emotional energies as well as how to make them (and thus ourselves) leave the hierarchical structures- this way we will be able to align our natural selves to our higher selves through authentic tantric relating. Still curious? Don't come to find out. Tune in. Relate to me. All of your internal struggles, passions and conflicts are welcome. They will be addressed in a way that will bring the sacred back to life, back to play. (Only) You have the power to confront and change your reality.