Above, Below, In the Middle of the Night

Sexual desire should not run rampant; you are aware of this that's why a lover in me adores a lover in you.
You like to carry me in your mind, but you're not capable of embracing me. You brace yourself. You want to become better, stronger, tougher... in order to meet me. But whose order is it? Whose needs are you meeting this way?
You remind me of someone.
He filled my vessel to the brim. Not with himself and his expectations but with the divine consciousness.
I had this feeling that he never judged me, my words or my world. We were both free; our love wasn't privately sensory, it was purely sensory.
Our love was built beyond arguments. The building bricks were mutual desires, shared beliefs and unwavering imagination.
You remind me of me trying to meet me in order to be able to experience the divine with him.
I wish you weren't tougher than the rest. I wish you'd be more persistent.