Learn new relational skills for more fulfilling relationship and more sensitive love making

About me

The year 2023 marks 25 years since I stepped on my spiritual sexuality path. 

I find purpose in supporting and enhancing the lives of fellow human beings. By offering therapies for couples and individuals, I'm helping to create an intimacy-cherishing culture. 

It is our birthright and personal responsibility to embody erotic maturity by being and becoming our authentic selves within relationships which nourish our bodies, minds and hearts.

Relational Fengshui

Shame, fear, trauma and pressures connected to fast paced lifestyle undermine one's capacity to (make) love and be loved.

How to improve closeness and intimacy in relationships? 

I'm inviting you to embark on a journey of Integrative Holistic Therapy which is rooted in the intelligence of the sensuous. Relational Fengshui is a grounded spiritual journey toward clarity, integrity and deeply loving relationships. It combines sex therapy and relationship counseling with alternative directives, focusing on cherishing your needs and boundaries. 

It draws from Cross-Cultural Studies, Daoist & Sri Vidya Tantra as well as Trauma Work, Ancestral Healing Work, Recovery work and the latest discoveries in the Science of Neurobiology. Its aim is to free individuals and couples from the constraints of psychological patriarchy so we can learn to embody true intimacy.

Sex is more than genitals and orgasms. Sexuality includes self-esteem, body image, intimacy, touch, the past and the future and openness to the power of Eros.

Uniquely tailored therapy sessions will support you in co-creating genuine relational experiences that become part of your body and change the meaning you make of yourself in the world. 

In coaching part of the session you will get the chance to practice how to relate in a healing way, and then use these new skills with your partner.

"Only a person who is able to bridge the objective and the subjective, a person who is able to bridge the East and the West, a person who is able to bridge the materialist and the spiritualist, can be a whole person. The world is waiting for the whole human being. If the whole human being does not arrive soon, then there is no future for humanity. And the whole human being can come only through deep, profound intelligence." (Osho)

Let's heal sexuality from past influences and from our culture's limited view through remembering our true power



"Usual sessions with Spela include conversation and bodywork. However, sometimes I only need a chat with someone who is objective, understanding, who is not judging me and can help. ...."


"I had my first experience with prostate work with Spela and cannot praise her enough. She is a beautiful person with a beautiful soul and a wonderful technique. She is utterly professional while also being empathetic. Absolutely non-judgemental, so there is no difficulty in opening up to her. Her physical technique is beyond comparison, and I can say that with some credibility as I have been exploring Tantra for five years. My hope for the session was spiritual release through sensual experience, and the result exceeded my expectations. Spela is to be recommended for anyone seeking spiritual healing by means of sensual discovery."


"As a side effect of once-weekly therapy sessions with Spela, I developed a multi-orgasmic response pattern."


"Spela is a trustful, nice, attentive, person who can create a very strong connection with people easily. I felt safe and secure with her. The world is more threatening and agressive than kind and peaceful so this is rare and precious to feel safe and surrounded by kindness. The experience was really positive for me, followed by many dreams and visions."


"Sessions with Spela were both healing and eye opening in terms of energy transformation- I feel like I've finally experienced something which was previously just a concept in my head."

Tantra is a path to befriending yourself by finding your essence beneath the masks of your everyday personality 

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